Private & Exclusive Experience Program

(Start 09.30 AM – 02.30 PM)

  • Departure from Chiang Mai by private limousine by your own arrange.
  • Arriving at E.L.E (Elephant Life Experience) with warm hospitality from our elephants and staff.
  • Enjoy feeding the elephants
  • Welcome to our main lodge for relaxation and change into your mahout’s outfit which you can take home.
  • Introducing to your elephants and the mahouts (keeper).
  • Training in basic mahout course with easy command, learning to ride on the back of your elephant and do elephants trekking about 30 minutes accompanied by the professional mahout along the beautiful trail.
  • Experience the elephants artistic skill in painting with our world famous elephant artists.
  • Participating with the elephant artists creating your own master piece and take home as a unique gift.
  • Watching the elephants bathe in the river or participating with elephants bathing during dry season only.
  • Picnic Lunch Basket from Four Seasons Resort Chaing Mai will be provided
  • Refreshment will be served at the main lodge before return to Chiang Mai by your limousine or rafting along Mae Taeng River (30 minutes) and arriving at our private pier before returning to Chiang Mai.

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